Hands on Mathematics

Mathematics is a beautiful subject.It is the way it is taught and learnt which makes it interesting or boring. 

Activity 1 To make a square root spiral.

Activity 4 To verify the identify (a+b)^3= a^3+3ab (a+b)+b^3, for simple cases using a set of unit cubes. (Video of activity)

Activity 5 To verify the identify (a-b)^3= a^3-3ab (a-b)-b^3, for simple cases using a set of unit cubes.

Activity 7 Basic Paper Folding Activities: Getting mid-point of a line segment, getting angle bisector, getting perpendicular bisector

Activity 13 To Verify the Mid- point theorem.

Activity 6 To verify Pythagoras theorem by shading method using squared paper.

Activity 8 To verify by shading, the ratio of areas of two similar triangles is equal to the square of the ratio of their corresponding sides.

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